Haiti Medical Clinic

La Victoire, Haiti

Urban Mission has been running mobile medical clinics in Haiti for the past 10 years. Sustainability has always been the goal and that means building a clinic for the community of LaVictoire, Haiti. This community has a population of approximately 10,000 in a rural area with limited access to health care services. Throughout the years of serving alongside our partners in La Victoire, Haiti we have witnessed many parents walk and wait for hours to obtain medical care for their family. We have seen expectant mothers with no access to maternal health care and sick children with nowhere to seek medical attention.

The need is so great that our medical relief teams quickly witness the impact of our mobile clinics. However, our desire is to provide this community with a sustainable difference through the building of a medical clinic that will provide health care and education all year round. UNICEF reports that Haiti has the highest rates of infant, children, and maternal mortality in the Western hemisphere. Approximately 60 percent of people in Haiti, primarily in rural areas, lack access to basic health-care services. Partner with us to help a community that has become family.

Haiti Project

Our Haiti Project will have 3 phases;

Phase 1

Raise $40,000 for the building of the medical clinic, the land has already been acquired.

Phase 2

Raise $35,000 for medical equipment, medicine, and supplies.

Phase 3

Raise $25,000 for the 1st year’s salary of one part-time doctor and two nurses to serve this vulnerable population.

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